5 of Martha Stewart’s Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

published Mar 17, 2020
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Martha Stewart may have a reputation for enjoying some of the finer things in life (including, but not limited to, constructing the fanciest of croquembouches, and stacking wine glasses at restaurants), she also has to do the regular old stuff that we all have to do. Like wipe up spills, put ingredients into pots, and peel vegetables. We recently did some digging to find some of Martha’s favorite everyday tools, and were surprised to find just how normal her go-to gadgets are. Martha! She’s just like us!

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1. Bench Scraper

“You should have bench scrapers in plastic and in steel,” Martha said during a cooking demonstration in Aspen, CO, reports Food and Wine. Martha went on to call the humble bench scraper “the best tool,” and we agree that it’s up there. A bench scraper is great for, well, scraping surfaces. And also cutting and portioning dough, transferring ingredients from your cutting board to a pot, and more.

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2. Bar Towels

At the same cooking demo, Martha raved about the many merits of having a stash of bar towels. “You can buy them online for, like, a dollar each,” she said emphasizing their usefulness in place of paper towels and sponges. The best part is you can toss them in the laundry and use them again and again. “If you use a sponge, then your sponge is all full of flour, and you can never keep them clean. So these are really great.” Martha didn’t specify which bar towels she prefers, but we love these.

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3. Y Peeler

According to Sarah Carey, a long-time Martha Stewart staffer who worked closely with her for 19 years, one of the biggest lessons she learned from Martha was finding the right tool for the job. As far as prepping and peeling veggies go, that tool is the Y peeler. “Our favorite peeler in the kitchen is the Y peeler. It’s one of the least expensive but does the job better than any other.” This Kitchn’s favorite — and also Giada and Ina’s favorite.

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4. Bodum French Press

On a “brunch-themed” episode of her former daytime show Martha, Martha recruited a coffee training specialist to demonstrate “how to make your morning brew the very best it can be.” In the demo, they used a Bodum French Press, of which Martha says: “I love this French press. I have used this particular glass one for years — I think it really makes a nice cup of coffee.”

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5. Japanese-Style Chef’s Knife

In a segment with Today, Martha explained the necessity of “a good, sharp knife,” because you can’t get the job done without one. She went on to share that she’s a fan of Japanese cutlery, but doesn’t specify an exact brand. But luckily, Kitchn has a Best List for that.

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Do you have any of Martha’s favorite gadgets in your kitchen?