Martha Stewart’s Top 10 Thanksgiving Recipes

updated May 24, 2019
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The queen of entertainment, Martha Stewart, knows how to throw a good dinner party. And what’s Thanksgiving really, than a dinner party with a purpose? Follow the queen and make one of her most popular Thanksgiving recipes this year. From apple pie to perfect roast turkey, you’ll find something here to surprise and delight your guests.

Apple pie is one of Martha Stewart’s most popular Thanksgiving recipes. She uses homemade dough (more on that later) and three pounds of apples.

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When Kitchn contributor Sheri Castle tried Martha’s regal turkey recipe, she said it was super moist and flavorful, but she had a some problems with uneven browning and scorched drippings.

Martha’s wet brine uses dried juniper berries, whole coriander seeds, and black mustard seeds. Fancy!

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When Associate Editor Kelli Foster tried Martha’s mashed potatoes, she said she loved how creamy they were and she thought the addition of nutmeg (just a pinch) made them feel special.

Martha’s stuffing is pretty traditional. It uses white bread, stock, celery, onion, seasoning, pecans, and cranberries. There’s no direction as to how long you should bake it (for that, you should refer to her turkey recipe).

Assistant Food Editor, Sheela Prakash, said these rolls “were a classic and perfect fit for the holiday” and rated them 8/10. There were a couple of errors in the recipe, but the final product was bangin’.

This simple side dish is just carrots, brown sugar, butter, dried rosemary, and seasoning. Get your vegetables in so you can have more apple pie!

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The base of Martha’s apple pie is just as buttery as you’d hope. Associate Food Editor Meghan Splawn said that it’s more tender than flaky and that it might not be the best pie dough to make as a beginner (there’s a lot of room for interpretation with the recipe).

You only need three ingredients (plus seasoning) for Martha’s super-easy roasted Brussels sprouts: Brussels (duh), olive oil, and red onion. If you’re struggling to figure out an extra side dish for Thanksgiving, this is a great no-brainer option.

Yes, of course there is another pie recipe on Martha’s Thanksgiving list. Martha uses canned pure pumpkin for her base (she says fresh will be too watery).