The 8 Smartest Organizing Tips We Learned from Martha Stewart

updated Jul 16, 2020
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Martha Stewart is somewhat of a savant when it comes to all things kitchen. Not only is she an expert home chef and baker, she also manages to (very generously) dish out some of the best home organizing tips, and we’re very here for them. Whether your kitchen needs a complete overhaul or you’re just looking for a few hacks to streamline your cooking experience, here are a few of our favorite organization tips from the queen herself. 

1. Put very low and very high storage space to work.

To no one’s surprise, Martha is a big advocate of using every square inch of kitchen space for storage, from bottom drawers to top cabinet shelves. If you want to give your storage space an airier look (and make your items more accessible), try replacing cabinets with open shelves like she does!

2. Add a lazy Susan to your fridge.

Old, crusty condiments in the door of your fridge can be a thing of the past if you simply add a lazy Susan to the top shelf. You’ll be able to find whatever you need with a quick spin — plus, it’s fun to spin around!

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3. Add tension rods to a cabinet.

Store “nonbreakable flat items” vertically between tension rods. This way, you can slide things in and out without having to unstack piles or deal with tumbles. We love this hack for sheet pans, bakeware, cutting boards, platters, and more.

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4. Install a rolling tray in your under-sink cabinet.

Who likes rummaging around for cleaning products underneath the sink? Maximize that space with a rolling tray so you can store more AND find what you need when you need it. Just make sure to only store items that won’t be ruined if your pipes leak.

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5. Get storage containers that are clear.

Putting your flour and sugar in see-through containers (either glass or plastic) rather than the bags they came in isn’t just more aesthetically pleasing; it also clues you in to when you need more of a certain ingredient. Plus, these kitchen staples will be more accessible on your countertop than lost in the pantry. 

6. Use the area above your fridge intentionally.

It’s easy to use the above-fridge cabinet space as a catch-all for old paper plates and plastic cups, however it’s prime real estate for tools you use less often, but don’t necessarily want to store outside your kitchen, like special-occasion items.

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7. Invest in drawer organizers.

To keep your drawers tidy and make utensils easy to find, get a drawer organizer to separate your flatware from other items in the drawer, like wooden spoons and measuring spoons.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

8. Label everything.

Another way to prevent the fuss of searching for what you need: Label all the bins and storage containers in your pantry, drawers, and cabinets!

Have you learned any great organizing tips from Martha? Share them in the comments below!