Marshmello Just Released a Collection of Innovative Air Fryer Kits and You’re Going to Love Everything About Them

published Sep 28, 2022
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Marshmello x Crux Air Fryer
Credit: Crux

Masked DJ/Producer “Marshmello” may be known worldwide for topping electronic music charts, but his other creative outlet — cooking — has inspired a recent collaboration with cookware brand Crux. Together, they’ve debuted a sleek new air fryer collection, a tribute to the performer’s favorite kitchen appliance.

For those that are familiar with Marshmello, this new collaboration isn’t as random as others may find it to be. Over the last four years, the artist has taken his love of cooking to YouTube — where he’s maintained his channel, Cooking with Marshmello. Featuring over 100 videos and close to 51,000 subscribers, special guests such as Zac Efron and Nicole Scherzinger are among those who have made an appearance. And while the star power that each episode brings is nothing to complain about, the show is actually more an opportunity for Marshmello to reconnect with the places he’s traveled on tour through food.

Since his cooking revolves around dishes that boast “a lot of flavor but that are easy enough for a home cook to execute,” it’s no wonder he’s embraced the air fryer, due to its simplicity and ease of use, as his kitchen appliance of choice.

While celebrity and cookware collabs are nothing new, Marshmello partnered with Crux CEO Shae Hong on a product line that world celebrate the air fryer’s versatility and encourage its unconventional use. This happened to be very on-brand for Crux, whose niche includes stylish and affordable kitchen electronics powered by innovation.

The new air fryer kits boast “TurboCrisp” technology which, according to a press release, gives food “unparalleled crisp at a fraction of the time.” To encourage home chefs to explore the full range of the air fryer’s possibilities, the collaboration includes a s’mores kit ($50), baking kit ($20), snack pan kit ($20), and shish kebab kit ($20). His signature hashtag, #YOUCANAIRFRYTHAT, reminds foodies that the sky’s the limit, whether it’s a quick, experimental snack, or a week’s worth of air-fried meal prep.

So where can you nab yourself one of these stylish new accessories for your countertop? The air fryer kits are available nationwide now exclusively at Best Buy. And, you can find both the 3-quart ($79.99) and 8-quart ($129.99) digital air fryer kits in white (“Marshmello”), black, lavender, and stuffed olive colors.