The Internet Has Some Feelings About What the Perfect Toasted Marshmallow Looks Like

updated Jul 8, 2019
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Credit: vitafamily / Shutterstock

The perfect level of toastiness is difficult to achieve on an object as fragile as a marshmallow. Usually, you’re either too cautious, only lightly exposing the outer layer of marshmallow to the campfire flames, and it ends up raw on the inside, or you’re overzealous, and it ends up a burned, blackened husk. That sweet spot — a light brown crust on the outside and gooey on the inside — is harder to achieve.

Of course, the internet had strong opinions about how to cook the perfect marshmallow: Thanks to a handy chart that popped up on Twitter recently, debate sparked once again about what the ideal roasted marshmallow looks like. 

The chart lays out a range of marshmallow toastiness, 1 being totally raw, and 10 being burnt to a charred, coal-like crisp. Most people agreed that there should be a slight Maillard-like outer crust to the marshmallow to give it a crunch before getting to the softer, melted center. Disagreement sprang up around just how toasted the marshmallow should be. Should you aim for a golden brown marshmallow? Or should it be only lightly tanned? 

Using the chart, many people (rightly, I think) picked a marshmallow in the 5 – 8 range, with a few outliers picking 4 (too underdone for my taste) and even 9 and 10. Naturally, this upset some of Twitter’s more passionate marshmallow aficionados who pointed that you’re basically just eating a charred shell at that point. There was no real consensus to be found in the great marshmallow debate, although many people seemed to agree that 8 is actually the “prime marshmallow spot”. 

Not everyone loved the idea of ranking marshmallows though, because not everyone loves marshmallows. Detractors used this moment to call this inoffensive treat “disgusting,” and “garbage.” Seems like a harsh condemnation of this beloved campfire mainstay, and as with all debates on Twitter, things escalated quickly. 

Which option would you choose? I personally agree with the masses: 8 is the obvious choice here. Next time you’re roasting marshmallows, it might be tempting to rehash this debate with your loved ones, but let me make a recommendation: Keep your strongly-worded opinions to yourself, and just enjoy the marshmallow.