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I Found Out Pink Grits Exist — So, of Course, I Had to Try Them

published May 31, 2022
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Credit: Renae Wilson

Working in food, I spend lots of time online researching rare or niche ingredients and where to source them. I love this aspect of my job because it causes me to stumble across lots of really cool things. Sometimes, I even get to try them! And then, of course, I get to share my findings with readers like you. Recently, when researching for rare field peas, I accidentally found the product of my Southern Sunday brunch dreams: Unicorn Grits!

You may be familiar with regular grits, which are very popular in the South and very similar to polenta. For Southern-style grits, dried and ground white corn is cooked in water, stock, or dairy until it becomes creamy. The addition of butter or cheese adds to its decadence. But what are Unicorn Grits? I’m glad you asked.

Credit: Renae Wilson

What Are Unicorn Grits?

According to Marsh Hen Mill, the makers of said grits, Unicorn is a rare type of corn that naturally grows in hues of pastel pink and purple. I’ve never come across this type of corn in the wild. And I could not just stand by and take the website’s word for it. I had to try them for myself — so I ordered some and waited patiently for my purple pouch to arrive.

Credit: Renae Wilson

I Tried Pink Grits and Here’s What I Thought

The box was delivered to my doorstep in less than a week. (I also grabbed a bag of the more finely ground Unicorn Cornmeal to make some cornbread.) I tore open the bag of grits immediately and was so delighted to see that the pink and purple, coarsely ground grains looked just as vibrant as they did on the website.

Credit: Renae Wilson

Once cooked, the grits are a very pale pastel pink. In order to intensify the color, a splash of acidity from a lemon or a lime is recommended. I had mine alongside a simple omelette and canned salmon salad, so I chose to stir in juice from half a small lemon. Boy oh boy, was I tickled pink! And purple!

While they didn’t taste that much different from white corn grits — they are a little more creamy — the color is so much fun and, IMO, worth the hype. To be able to indulge in a savory pastel bowl of creamy grits without using dyes or other coloring is better than my wildest dreams. Because I regularly keep grits stocked anyhow, there’s no reason to deny myself the unfettered joy that comes from these Unicorn Grits.

Buy: Marsh Hen Mill Unicorn Grits, $10 for 1.5 pounds at Marsh Hen Mill

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