Mark Bittman Has a New Column: The Flexitarian

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I was a fan of Mark Bittman’s long-time Minimalist column in The New York Times, and bummed when he retired it a few years ago. He’s continued to write op-ed pieces for the paper — mostly on food politics, issues, and health — but I’ve missed his eating-focused thoughts and recipes. But… he’s back! This week the Times launched a brand-new monthly Bittman column called “The Flexitarian,” and I’m sensing it’s right in line with how we here at The Kitchn see things.

First of all, Bittman says, this new column is not a diet column. It’s an eating column, “one that will remain — in the tradition of the Dining section — more about great food than anything else.” But it will be geared to “the moderate, conscious eater — the flexitarian” who knows that the goal is to eat a diet pretty high in plants and lower in animal products and hyperprocessed food. (Note: not that you never eat these foods, but it’s about having a balance!) The word flexitarian also suggests a regimen that includes more fish, whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables.

So why this column focus, and why now? As Bittman says, the time is right:

Things are changing, and fast. Only 5 percent of Americans define themselves as vegan or vegetarian, but almost everyone believes he needs to eat better. What does “better” mean? See above: much less junk, fewer animal products and more veggies. Could not be simpler. But it could be easier. I’ll attempt to make it so here… I hope these recipes demonstrate the general goal of The Flexitarian, which will be to marry the burning question “What should I be eating?” with another: “How do I cook it?”
I know I’m looking forward to reading the column! What about you?

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