Marie & Nick’s Festive East Bay Ranch

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Marie and Nick’s 1950’s style ranch is quintessential Easy Bay. We love all aspects of this house, but most importantly — the kitchen. We’re suckers for all over subway tile and this kitchen does not disappoint. Just when you think that it might be too much white, you’re surprised by a pop of color.

The sink countertop is covered in white marble while the adjacent countertop is covered in butcher block. The stainless steel appliances blend right in with the bright white and chrome handles on the white cabinets. To counteract the bright white, the colorful accessories are genius.

The addition of a funky tea towel draped over the handle on the stove and a brightly colored shelf make it all look so easy. The lush greenery outside the kitchen window certainly helps bring some color in the space without being too overwhelming. We love the absolute simplicity and back to basics aspect of this kitchen. It’s inspiration because it looks so attainable and really fun!

(Images: Jason Russell)