Marie Kondo’s $30 Spice Organizer Solved My Biggest Small-Kitchen Storage Problem

updated Apr 5, 2021
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Credit: Sarah Crowley

Like, I’m sure, many of you, I’ve been heavily served The Container Store x KonMari ads on pretty much all my social media feeds. You bet I screenshot this gorgeous shoe organizer (in the ad, it’s tucked beneath a waterfall shelf, which I’m also coveting).

But the piece I’ve lusted after the most? This in-drawer spice organizer. In fact, I wanted it so bad that I ventured out, masked up, in a Wisconsin blizzard to buy it. As I write this, I’ve had this bamboo beauty for all of six hours, and reader, I’m in love. 

A bit of background: My family and I moved from Minnesota to Wisconsin last month. We bought a recently flipped house with a gorgeous kitchen, but sadly, very few storage options. Our previous home had a built-in spice rack in the pantry, and this house doesn’t even have a pantry, so I knew I’d have to get creative with food storage, especially odds and ends like spice jars.

For the first few weeks of living here, I kept all my spices on a shelf in a wide, shallow fabric bin — the same thing I used to transport them in the move. But now that I’ve started to cook more, I’m not into digging through the piles of jars to find what I need. I don’t have many cabinets, so a built-in rack wasn’t my favorite option. My drawers, however, are both wide and deep — making them perfect for an in-drawer storage piece. 

Credit: Ashley Abramson

I’ve seen a lot of functional spice organizers, but the plastic options don’t always do the trick for me. What I love about the KonMari piece is the warm, sturdy bamboo material. There’s a time and a place for a quick Amazon buy, but when we moved, I made a promise to myself to focus on investing in pieces that actually elevated my space rather than chasing convenience. 

Well, the KonMari spice organizer adds both aesthetic and convenience. I love that it makes every spice I need easily visible, in the space that works best for me, without taking up too much room in my very limited kitchen real estate. 

The product description says it’s “narrow,” which I suppose is true in terms of how much room it takes up. But it’s definitely roomy enough for most home cooks: It’s supposed to hold about 15 jars, but I fit 24 total, probably because I mixed in some mini-jars. I had about 40 spices in the fabric bin, but many of them were duplicates (pretty sure I ordered at least five jars of cloves on InstaCart throughout the fall months for stovetop potpourri). I ended up hiding the duplicates in an inconvenient, high cabinet where I keep “extras” — seasonal grill seasonings, duplicates, and so on — for later. 

I can’t speak yet to how the spice organizer will change my life or improve my kitchen in the long term (I will eventually, though!). But I can tell you one thing: Knowing the ingredients that make my food taste good have their own, neat little home sparks a whole lot of joy.

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