Marie Kondo’s Favorite Reusable Food Container Is $30

updated May 30, 2019
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In the wake of the premiere of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix, it seems like everyone is suddenly on a passionate mission to bring some order to their lives. You could totally overhaul your kitchen and donate all your unused appliances and dishware, or you could take the easy route and buy her favorite reusable lunch container instead.

In a recent interview with Bon Appétit, Kondo revealed that her top pick for a reusable vessel for lunch and any other snacks you might want to take on the go is the Noda Horo Enamel container. The chic, minimalist container has a simple white body and wood lid that fits securely on top. It could easily fit a salad, a sandwich, some vegetables and hummus, or whatever healthy snack you have resolved to eat in 2019. The brand is super popular in Japan, according to Kondo, and she’s apparently brought the trend here, too: it’s currently sold out on

If you’re trying to embody the KonMari spirit in everyday life, there’s still hope: Amazon currently stocks Noda Horo containers (though who knows how long it will last). If it does sell out, and I’m sure it will, there is another option: The brand Sweese makes a nearly identical ceramic version, and it’s just $22. Like the Noda Horo container, it’s intended to store butter (that’s what I personally use it for), but it could just as easily be used to bring your lunch to work everyday (as long as you slip a rubber band around the top to keep it from slipping off during your commute). It’s certainly cuter than plastic Tupperware, and just as easy to clean.

Per Kondo herself, if you plan to buy more than one of these containers, she recommends buying the same brand. That way, you can stack them neatly in your cabinet without taking up too much space. Anyone who uses Tupperware regularly knows that your cabinets can become a mess of mismatched tops and containers which come tumbling onto your head every time you try to open a cabinet. This is an easy, elegant solution to that frustrating issue. And as usual, we have Kondo to thank to this organizational wisdom.