5 Marie Kondo-Approved Organizers for Your Kitchen

updated Sep 2, 2020
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Ever ask yourself, What would Marie Kondo do with this kitchen? Most likely, she’d tell you to thank a majority of the items for their service and then put them in a donate box. As for whatever remains, well, she’d tell you to get it all in order … using the most gorgeous organizers out there. In fact, she has a whole section on her website dedicated to approved organizers. Of course, not everything on her site makes sense in a kitchen, so we combed through and made our picks from her list.

Warning: They’re not exactly budget-friendly, but they sure are stunning.

Credit: KonMari

1. Canvas Half-Wall Komono Organizer

Yes, this will cost you a lot more than the basic shoe organizer that we like to talk about, but it’s a million times prettier. Meaning: You don’t have to worry about hiding it in a pantry or the back of a door. Instead, you can hang it anywhere you have the wall space — and then you can use it for ingredients, tools, or other odds and ends.

Buy: Canvas Half-Wall Komono Organizer, $117

Credit: KonMari

2. Yamazaki Tidy & Organized Steel Storage Basket With Handles

It’s no secret how much we love Yamazaki Home around here. The Japanese brand makes the most beautiful-yet-practical organizers we’ve ever seen. So of course Marie Kondo is also on board. Use this basket to hold perfectly folded tea towels or even ingredients on a shelf. Note: This basket is out of stock right now, but you can enter your email and get an update when it’s available again. Trust us — it’s worth the wait.

Buy: Yamazaki Tidy & Organized Steel Storage Basket With Handles, $35

Credit: KonMari

3. Hay Joyful Metal Storage Sowden Tins

Is it just us or were you also surprised to see something so colorful on her list? These tins come in a mismatched set of four and have an airtight seal, making them great for coffee, rice, and other pantry staples.

Buy: Hay Joyful Metal Storage Sowden Tins, $36 for four

Credit: KonMari

4. Hay Medium Hex Organizing Tray

We always say that the difference between countertop clutter and a purposeful display lies in a simple tray. Corral items together (like dish soap, a scrub brush, and a ring dish) and it looks like a vignette instead of, well, a mess. This tray can help you do just that.

Buy: Hay Medium Hex Organizing Tray, $34

Credit: KonMari

5. Fog Linen Work Stackable Wire Bin

A good bin or basket will turn a shelf into a more useful drawer. You can fill up the container and pull it out whenever you need to see what’s all the way in the back. We like this pick for grouping like pantry ingredients together (all your baking stuff, for example). They stack up, too, so you can put overflow stock at the bottom — should you have the cash for more than one.

Buy: Fog Linen Work Stackable Wire Bin, $30