Mariage Frères Tea

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Have you ever seen such a distinctive tin of tea? This is one of the very famous black tins of Mariage Frères tea. Mariage Frères is a French tea company that has been around since 1854, and with good reason.

Their teas are known for being masterfully blended and of the highest quality. A trip to the historic teashop in Paris is practically a pilgrimage for many tea-loving tourists. The shop in Paris is staffed with people incredibly knowledgeable about tea, and the company is known for elevating tea to an art in Western countries.

Another peculiar distinctive of Mariage Frères is that they never advertise their products in any of the countries where their tea is imported, and they also do not allow their tea to be sold online. Online boutiques maneuver around this by listing the teas online but only selling it by phone, email, or fax order form.

One store like this is Market Hall Foods, which does indeed sell many of the classic varieties of Mariage Frères tea, including Earl Grey Imperial, Eros (flavored with hibiscus and mallow flowers), and Jasmin Mandarin

Do you drink Mariage Frères tea, and if so, which is your favorite blend?