March is Meat/Un-Meat Month!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s March, ho-hum. While spring may be dawning in some climates — the gorgeous one I just left in Los Angeles comes to mind — it’s not even the tail-end of winter here in the northeast. More like the hindquarters of winter. We still have nothing too fresh at the farmers’ stands and no green on our trees.

So this month we’re going to focus on meat. But wait, that leaves out the vegetarians. So we’ll focus on vegetarian eating too. Call it Meat/Un-Meat Month.

Each week we’ll highlight recipes, tips, how-tos and other tales of a different meat. We start next week with good old beef. As we go, we’ll also make sure to give a heavy dose of vegetarian coverage. It helps that we have both vegetarians and carnivores on staff.

To get you started this weekend, here are a few of my favorite meat and un-meat recipes from our archive: