March Gourmet: French Bistro Cooking

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In our quest to highlight what’s happening in our favorite food magazines, we bring you the March issue of Gourmet. It’s full of classic, rustic French goodies like steak frites, roasted chicken, and plenty of dijon. We were disappointed that an essay about the ins and outs of creating the perfect omelet did not, in fact, have a photo of said omelet. We guess they’d like us to use our foodie imaginations…

Some of our favorite tidbits were not the main show stopper recipes but rather smaller morsels tucked into larger stories. Pommes Pailles, or shoestring potatoes, which were lauded as being “great at any temperature” and needing only one dip in the fryer, made us rethink the trouble of making homemade French fries. An Onion Tart with Mustard and Fennel, part of the Easter menu, embodied the simplicity and flavor we think of with bistro food. And the Frozen Apricot Soufflé on page 30 stopped us cold with its jewel-like flecks of fruit and stiff, risen glory that, allegedly, eliminates the fear of a collapse. We just wish we didn’t have to hunt for the actual recipe at the back of the magazine.

There was a great article on baguette du Perche, produced in a region of France protected by law to preserve historic food and culture practices. The best quote:

“Imagine, if you will, an endangered-species act that counted small farms and small farmers as species worth protecting. Imagine a Yellowstone not just for bears but for bakers, too.”

Doesn’t that sound delightful?

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