This Sleek, Splurgy ‘Pepper Cannon’ Is the One Gadget My Spice Rack Was Missing 

published Jan 10, 2023
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Steak Au Poivre on a plate with brown sauce, and french fries
Credit: Perry Santanachote
Steak Au Poivre

If you know me, you know I love a good pepper mill. Recently, I’ve been using my new meat thermometer to get really into baked barbecue, and I’ve been experimenting with different spice rubs — which is perfect, since the rubs often call for a ton of black pepper. Now, while my OXO mill is great, it ends up being an arm workout trying to freshly grind all of the black pepper needed to satisfy rib rub recipes or marinades. Plus, it’s soup and stew season, and nearly every meal I make is going to warrant keeping a pepper grinder on the table for last-minute seasoning. So, when the folks at Männkitchen sent me their Pepper Cannon, I was psyched to say the least. I’ve seen plenty of my favorite popular YouTube chefs whip this bad boy out, but I never knew what it was called until I received it in the mail. 

This sleek, splurgy pepper mill would make an excellent gift for any serious home chef. Its matte-black exterior matches any and all kitchen aesthetics, and though the price is on the high side, Kitchn readers can use code KITCHN5 for five percent off sitewide on any Männkitchen products. Now, what makes this grinder special is its design. With adjustable burrs from 8-60 mesh size (ordinary mills can only grind pepper in the 12-28 mesh size range), the Pepper Cannon grinds pepper better than pretty much any mill I’ve ever used — and it grinds a lot of it. Seriously: Depending on which grind size you use (I err on the coarser side), a single large twist yields about a tablespoon of pepper, which might be enough for an entire dish. You won’t really understand just how powerful this thing is until you see the high-carbon stainless steel burrs in action. 

Credit: Ian Burke

Filling the grinder is easy with the quick-release top, and I also like the attached base, which eliminates mess and lets you grind a large amount of black pepper and store it fresh in the built-in reservoir for easy access while cooking. And, I’m not the only one who loves the Pepper Cannon. “This is by far the best pepper mill available,” one reviewer writes. “I have purchased top of the line pepper mills and this is far better. The output is unbelievable. It is easy to adjust the grind. Everything about it is fantastic. I highly recommend it without any hesitation.”

Personally, I’m into the whole concept of a tricked-out, high-end pepper mill. I love that there are over 75 different grind settings that can easily be adjusted with a dial on the bottom of the Pepper Cannon. (They even say, “Yes, 75+ grind options might be excessive” right on the instruction manual.) Sure, it’s overkill, but that’s the whole point! Do you really need a futuristic, expensive pepper grinder? Probably not. Is it unquestionably awesome and the one gadget my spice rack was missing? Absolutely. Look, while it may seem like an afterthought, I can’t imagine going back to the pre-pepper cannon days of old. 

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a great gift, a worthy kitchen splurge, or a just pepper mill that will save you countless cranks, the Pepper Cannon is the move. In fact, one of the taglines on the Männkitchen site is, “It’s the only pepper mill that will prompt you to say ‘Whoa’ when you use it.” I’ve gotta say, they’re not kidding. 

Buy: Männkitchen Pepper Cannon, $189.99 (normally $199.99)