Mandy Moore Shares Her Favorite Candy to Eat on Set

updated May 30, 2019
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(Image credit: Kathy Hutchins)

I’ve always been fascinated by the stories of the things celebrities request when they are on set somewhere. At what point in time in your life do you gain the ability to say, “Blue M&M’s should follow me everywhere I go! I want them in my dressing room, limo, waiting for me in a tiny bag at the airport … everywhere!”

There are as many stories across the internet pertaining to this one topic as there are fish in the sea, but when I recently learned what Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia (aka Rebecca and Jack Pearson from NBC’s This Is Us) eat as a behind-the-scenes snack, I was a little shocked.

We already know Mandy Moore has a proclivity towards candy, as her number-one hit from a couple decades ago tells us, so it’s not totally surprising that she would have a sweet tooth on set while filming This Is Us.

Now, maybe my issue with her favorite choice for candy comes from my sincere love of the characters of Jack and Rebecca on This Is Us;I could wax on for hours about the mad skills in the production of this television show (total fan girl). But when you find out that someone’s favorite snack candy is SweeTarts, it’s like finding out someone loves Circus Peanuts. We all know those people exist, but shouldn’t they be using their celebrity powers to request amazing awesome nuggets of deliciousness instead of tiny, chalky hockey pucks that make you sad you’ve come to the end of your Halloween candy?

According to Moore’s Instagram, she and Milo Ventimiglia play a fun game on set where they open the small packages and try to get a winning color combination or seek out rare colors that aren’t often seen. It seems like something an old married couple would do, which is perfect since they play one on TV. Sigh, #jackandrebeccaforever