A Man Tried to Return Butternut Squash Because He Thought It Was Cheese

published Jul 28, 2017
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It’s a mistake that could happen to anyone — anyone who can’t read or is not paying attention while shopping in the produce aisle. A man purchased what he believed to be cubed cheese only to find he bought diced butternut squash. His frustration upon finding squash instead of cheese is a universal sentiment that can be felt by cheese-lovers around the world.

The shopper took his fight to the supermarket to get his return. Witnessing the quest is bystander James Dator, who chronicled the event on Twitter, only for it to go viral.

Dator explained that the man asked for a refund. When the the store said they could not give him his money back because the package was opened, the man argued it was not properly labelled. According to Dator, there was a “giant label” on the package.

Things then continued to take a turn for the strange. Eventually, the store generously agreed to give him a refund. But the man wasn’t done with his requests.

He asked the market to honor the same rate for cubed squash for cheese: $2.97 for two pounds of cubed cheese. When the store told him they don’t have two pounds of cubed cheese, he asked that a block of deli cheese be cubed for him. For context, he supposedly had guests waiting at home.

Somewhere along the way, an employee without full knowledge of the situation handed the man a whole squash only for him to allegedly yell: “I DON’T WANT RABBIT FOOD I JUST NEED SOME GOTDANG CHEESE!!!”

In the end, the man walked out of the store somewhat victorious and somewhat defeated. He got his refund, as he wished, but went home to his guests without two pounds of cheese. He did, however, take his squash back with him.