Malts, Fizzes & Double Awfuls: A Soda Fountain Flow Chart

updated Jun 5, 2019
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Maybe you know the difference between a malt and a shake, but do you know what distinguishes a rickey from a phosphate? Or a fritz from a fruit ade? This detailed flow chart of soda fountain drinks makes it easy to identify any fruity, creamy or fizzy concoction that might cross your path.

Compiled by soda fountain expert Gregory Cohen, the chart is exhaustive, but it is easy to follow the arrows to the identity of a specific drink, as well as see the differences between drinks. For instance, blending soda water with ice cream produces a double awful, but if you add ginger syrup to the mix, it’s called a yip. (Needless to say, the old-fashioned names are half the fun.)

Julia Moskin at the New York Times shared this chart, which she stumbled onto while researching a story on the history of the American soda fountain.

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What’s your favorite soda fountain drink?