Tip: When Making Quick Bread, Melt the Butter in the Bread Pan

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

My husband has been a banana bread-making fool lately and the other day he did something so simple it took me aback. Secretly I was mad at myself for not thinking of it first, but when I saw him pull the bread pan out of the microwave, I knew I owed the man a high five.

Like many quick bread recipes, my husband’s banana bread includes melted butter. His trick: instead of using a separate dish to melt the butter, he used the glass bread pan to melt it in the microwave. The bonus: Now the bread pan was greased and ready.

My husband adds an extra tablespoon of butter to the quantity called for in the recipe. One run through the microwave melted the butter for the recipe and prepped the pan for baking all at once. (If you use metal bread pans, you could easily melt your butter over a burner on your stove instead.) He swirls the butter around the pan before dumping it all out into the bowl with the other ingredients.

Forget butter wrappers or paper towels to grease your pan, just let the butter do its own dirty work!