This Smart Midwestern Blogger Figured Out How to Hide the Two Ugliest Things in the Kitchen

This Smart Midwestern Blogger Figured Out How to Hide the Two Ugliest Things in the Kitchen

Danielle Blundell
Apr 26, 2018

What are the two ugliest things in any kitchen? Think really hard. The answer (at least in my book)? Light switches and outlets. Maybe renovators spend some time thinking about where they should go, but aside from that, they're usually such an afterthought! And I'm guessing many of us just inherited them with our home when we bought it or signed the lease.

When I walk into a kitchen, I don't necessarily want to see electric outlets or switch plates. I want to see pretty things and gear that makes me want to cook! Which is why I'm loving what Mandi Johnson, the blogger behind Making Nice in the Midwest, did in her recent kitchen renovation.

On this wall, Mandi has four outlets and two light switches. Can you spot them? She used Legrand Radiant wall plates, which are pretty seamless and screw free, so they blend in even more. "I am so pleased with how they fade away without making a visual statement at all," she says.

Next up: A true moment of genius-level camouflage. When Mandi was planning this little shelving unit next to her stove, she realized they'd be building around the switches for the kitchen lights. That meant every time they wanted to turn the light on or off, they'd have to reach inside one of the cubbies. Not ideal. Nor is it pretty!

Her dad came up with the idea to run the wires to a shallow electrical box and sink it into the side of the shelving unit. They covered the original hole with a blank cover plate and now the switch is on the side of the shelves, which makes it easy to access and almost impossible to spot when looking at the kitchen.

"Replacing my outlets and switches wasn't even on my radar when I began this process, but when all of the newer elements began to replace the old, I realized how dingy and outdated all of the old electrical fixtures looked by comparison," she says. "I'm so glad we replaced everything — these are the little things that make a big difference!"

See more pics: Adding the Final Details at Making Nice in the Midwest

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