Making Homemade Candy Corn Is Tasty… But Boring

(Image credit: Sarah Rae Smith)

Candy corn is one of those Halloween treats that you either love or hate. I happen to enjoy those stratified orange triangles, and have been excited to try making them at home. But I quickly realized that making candy corn is a great deal like art class in 3rd grade: a little messy, a little fun, but mainly…boring.

Now I’m sure most of you are saying, “Hey! I liked art class in 3rd grade!” and to be quite honest, I did too. But I also felt bound and restricted by the “projects” my teacher always had us do, when all I wanted to do was make grand creations from my own imagination. So in that way, this trial run in candy corn is exactly like my experience in 3rd grade art class. Sure you can make the designated project, but the real fun happens when you get creative.

The recipe I followed (link below) makes enough dough for… well… I don’t really know how many candy corns per se, because after I rolled and cut my first length (roughly 1/16th of the dough) of dough, I was done with the adventure. There are some things to be made at home, but unless you are really into making candy corn, this isn’t the project for you.

On that same note, I greatly applaud those home cooks who have knuckled down to create and photograph their own work that so inspired me. My hat is tipped to you on this one! As you can see above, I didn’t have the same attention span all of you did!

Not all was lost, however. The dough this recipe created can be dyed, shaped and formed into whatever shape you so desire. It would be a blast for a group of children or other little hands helping you along the way. Kids like repetitive things right? This recipe, even if you don’t end up actually making candy corn, has a wonderful texture that is perfect for making quick adornments for cupcakes or traditional cakes and sweets. It takes slightly less sweet than storebought candy corn, but in a good way. Also, it’s only tasty when the dough has cooled (trust me on this one).

Ready to make some yourself? Here’s how: