Making Homemade Apple Cider

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The Hendrickson family moved into an old farmhouse in upstate New York earlier this summer. Their property is a project and their town has undergone some heavy flooding in recent weeks, so it was nice to see them catch a happy break this weekend as they took advantage of the fruit trees on their property. Have you ever wanted to press your own cider? If not, you will after this.

You can find Abbey and the on goings of their new farm adventures over at the ever lovely Aesthetic Outburst. Their space might be old, but there’s big plans to put some modern twists on it.

One of my favorite parts about following along with their renovations is their outside space. They have so many wonderful ideas and it’s far easier to watch them toil away on projects while I dream about what it would be like to have my own mini orchard and wild grape vines.

Even though they’ve had some set backs with recent flooding, they were able to make the most of the apples that were kept safe from the storms. They had roughly 480 pounds of apples that have now been pressed into tasty cider. It’s a fascinating process to watch. Make sure you get the full scoop as it’s enough to make you want to leave city life and find some acreage and an orchard!

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