Tip From Gourmet: Crush Tomatoes With a Box Grater

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There’s a great little video over at Gourmet’s website. Food editor Ian Knauer turns fresh tomatoes into crushed tomatoes with one simple tool: a box grater. Perfect for adapting those recipes that call for canned tomatoes (that you know would taste better with fresh ones). Get a link to the video, below…

The important step is to get rid of the tomato skins, and we assumed, before watching the video, that Knauer would flash boil the tomatoes, then peel them.

Instead, he slices a fresh tomato in half and rubs it on a box grater. Boom — the skin folds back (protecting his fingers while he grates) and the flesh goes into a waiting bowl, perfectly crushed and ready to use.

Watch the video!

(Images: Gourmet.com)