Make-Ahead Breakfasts, Light Pasta Sauces, Flour Storage, Healthier Ramen, and Noodle Puddings Top posts for January 12-18, 2009

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The top posts published in the last week were practical tips on getting breakfast (even when you’re running out the door every morning), good recipes for eating healthier pasta in the cold wintertime, and quick ways to make steamed vegetables more tasty. There were lots of delicious kitchens, too: a whole gallery of white kitchens (modern to retro to vintage) and a beautiful and practical San Francisco kitchen too. To see those hot posts and more, read on.

Looking For: Easy and Portable Breakfast Recipes (pictured above, bottom left)

Kitchen Tour: In the Kitchen with Zachary and Family (pictured above, bottom right)

Kitchen Gallery: White, Bright, and Clean (pictured above, top left)

Less Meat More Flavor (pictured above, top right)