Make Your Own Healthy Sports Drinks

(Image credit: Daxiao Productions/Shutterstock)

A sports drink loaded with sugar and strange-sounding ingredients has always seemed to me like a bizarre thing to guzzle after a workout. But make my own? I can get on board with that, especially when it sounds so easy.

In a recent blog post, raw food triathlete Richard Wygand recommends simply soaking a cup of dried fruit in water overnight. This infuses the water with the natural sugars and nutrients from the fruits, making a very easy and healthy homemade sports drink.

Wygand’s favorite fruits are goji berries, figs, and dates. I think it would be fun to mix fruits together for different flavor combinations—blueberry-cranberry or cherry-fig, anyone? I might also like to dissolve some honey or maple syrup in the water for some added sweetness and the quick energy.

Do you like sports drinks? Think you’ll try making your own?

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