Make Winter Better with an Indoor Picnic. You Just Need 7 Things.

updated May 1, 2019
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So cozy! But don’t forget the lids! (Image credit: Lauren Volo)

The worst part of winter? It’s not summer! And that means you can’t have picnics. Unless you can. While the temperatures continue to chill us this February, consider planning an indoor picnic. You’ll just need a few things — and we’re guessing you already have them.

1. Blankets

Perhaps the most important ingredient when it comes to getting cozy, blankets are a must, must, must-have. You’ll need at least one as your base, and several more for people to snuggle up with.

2. Cushions

Add even more softness with lots of cushions and pillows. People might like to sit or lean on them while they eat. And they’ll come in handy when people start to drift off in a food coma. Tip: Cover them in old, spare pillow cases just in case there are any spills!

3. A Makeshift Table

To make eating a little easier, add some kind of elevated table to the picnic. It can be a legit table (we’re looking at you, coffee table!) or something more improvised. May we suggest a few stacks of books, a breakfast-in-bed tray, or an upside-down cardboard box?

4. Cups with Lids

If you’re planning on serving red wine, tea, or really any liquid, play it safe and skip the traditional cups and glasses. Instead, use coffee travel mugs, thermoses, or Mason jars. This way, if someone knocks one over, you have at least a 50/50 chance that there will be a lid on to contain the mess.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

5. Winter Picnic-Friendly Food

As much as we love a good sandwich and pasta salad side, traditional summer picnic food is probably not your way to go here. Instead, plan a menu that will leave your friends feeling full, warm, and happy.

Some Menu Suggestions

6. Music

Whether it’s with a wireless speaker, a laptop, or even your phone, you’ll need to set up some tunes to play during your meal. There won’t be any birds chirping, so Top 40 will have to do.

7. Post-Dinner Entertainment

Some people may fall asleep (see item 2), but for those who are still awake after the meal, you’ll need something to entertain them with. Have some coloring books, board games, magazines, or playing cards nearby. Or because you’re inside, there is one thing you can do that you can’t really do in the middle of a park: watch a movie. One point for winter!