Make This Watermelon Frosty Before the Watermelons Disappear!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Every year it’s the same. September’s calendar page opens up, and I’m seized with a sudden panic: I didn’t eat enough watermelon! If you feel the same, here’s a clever way to slurp up an extra serving of watermelon at the end of the summer.

This watermelon frosty is so simple and even (dare I say it) healthy. It’s made of frozen watermelon cubes, a touch of lemon and honey, and half a frozen banana for body (kind of like our banana peanut butter “milkshake”) — blended until frothy.

You could make it boozy, with vodka or gin, or keep it plain and just enjoy the watermelon while you can.

While I plan to eat lots of watermelon straight from the rind, as long as I can find it, I think I may be supplementing my end-of-summer binge with this frosty.

Get the recipe → Watermelon Frosty at Our Footprints (adapted from recipe at Healthy Happy Life)

Are you still eating watermelon? Or have you turned to fall fruits instead?

(Image: Our Footprints)