Make This Now! Gooseberry Elderflower Turkish Delights

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you want to treat your sweet tooth to something extra special, you can do no better than turkish delights. These candies are sticky, chewy, and intensely sweet. Definitely not dentist-approved! But how can we resist, especially when making a batch in the microwave looks so easy?

Niamh Shields of Eat Like a Girl actually does two very clever things with her turkish delights: she makes them in the microwave following Harold McGee’s method and she cuts the sweetness with a compote of tart gooseberries and elderflower liquor. This sounds like the perfect grown-up version of a classic childhood treat!

As Niamh says, making turkish delights in the microwave is a fussy endeavor, but far less fussy than making them on the stovetop. It involves several rounds of heating, stirring, and gradually mixing in the various ingredients, but the process itself is fairly straightforward. In about fifteen minutes, you can have your very own batch of candy.

Get the Recipe! Gooseberry and Elderflower Turkish Delights from Eat Like a Girl

Do you love turkish delight? Ever tried making it at home?

(Image: Niamh Shields of Eat Like a Girl)