Make This: Individual Whole Peach Pies

Can pie still be pie without refined sugar? What if you don’t even slice the fruit? Check out the secret ingredient in the middle of these whole peach pies before you go running to your local farmers’ market this weekend!

These whole peach pies are made from exactly that: whole peaches. Marina from Yummy Mummy took a whole peach and spit it down the middle to remove the pit. She then added a bit of honeycomb to the middle and sealed it back up with pie or pastry dough and then baked it. It’s as simple as that!

This is a great recipe for many different fruits and perfect for those looking to cut back on refined sugar in their daily lives. Don’t get us wrong—a slice of traditional pie isn’t evil by any means, but this looks like a fun and tasty alternative to the baking methods most of us grew up with.

Get The Recipe Individual Whole Peach Pies from Yummy Mummy

(Image: Yummy Mummy)