Make This: Gomashio, Japanese Sesame Salt

updated May 3, 2019
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While reading the March issue of Martha Stewart Living, we came across a recipe for basic steamed edamame (familiar) sprinkled with gomashio (not so much). What is this crunchy condiment? We’ve also seen a container of it in this Kitchen Tour: Zachary and Family. But it’s easy to make your own.

In fact, Faith posted a recipe a couple of years ago:

Gomashio is simply toasted sesame seeds ground up with some coarse salt. You can make it in a spice grinder, which would be the easiest way, but we think a mortar and pestle or a food processor would work fine, too.

Most gomashio recipes we’ve seen use white sesame seeds, but you could also use black- which might look cool scattered over a salad or these cold peanut sesame noodles. It would also make a good coating for a piece of fish or meat.

Here’s the recipe pictured above:
Edamame with Sesame Salt, from Martha Stewart Living

Does anyone make their own gomashio? How do you use it?

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(Images: James Merrell for Martha Stewart Living; Dana Velden)