Make This Cheeseburger-Quesadilla Hybrid for Dinner Tonight

(Image credit: Lyuba at Will Cook for Smiles)

When you want something cheesy and decadent, which do you turn to: a cheeseburger or quesadilla? What if I told you that you didn’t have to choose? Yes, that’s right. You can make a cheeseburger in a quesadilla. You’re welcome.

Now, I’ve seen cheeseburgers between two grilled cheeses before, but this is not quite at that level. This isn’t a cheeseburger between two quesadillas — you only have one tortilla on top and one on bottom. The flour tortillas act as a substitute bun for the burger, while the burger acts as filling for the quesadilla.

To keep the Mexican-inspired theme going, the burger is topped with jalapeno, corn, and avocado, and drizzled with a chipotle mayo (just in case this wasn’t rich enough for you already).

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