This Pizza Party Cookie Cake Is Your Childhood Fantasy Come to Life

This Pizza Party Cookie Cake Is Your Childhood Fantasy Come to Life

Lisa Freedman
Mar 3, 2017
(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

The party problem: You're throwing a pizza party birthday party and you want to make an extra-special dessert. But even a from-scratch cake doesn't seem special enough — after all, you're feeling a little guilty that you didn't really cook for the party.

The party trick: Make a giant sugar cookie cake that surprisingly looks like a pizza.

(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

You thought this sweet treat was a pizza, didn't you? Don't feel too bad: Everyone always falls for this trick! What you're looking at is actually a sugar cookie cake that's decorated to look like a pizza. Cute, right?

Its playfulness is exactly what makes it fun for kids and adults alike. Make one for a 5-year-old's pizza party, a 22-year-old's surprise party, or just a lover of pizza. As soon as you pull it out, people will gasp and marvel in your creativity.

The recipe is based on the sugar cookie cake below — start with that and then follow our instructions to make this look astonishingly like a real pizza. You'll totally fool 'em.

Start here: Sugar Cookie Cake

Buy a pizza box to put your cookie cake in: 10-Inch Pizza Box, $12 for 100 at WebstaurantStore

(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

Pizza Party Cookie Cake

Serves 12 to 16

1 sugar cookie cake
Strawberry or raspberry jam
1 (8-ounce) white chocolate bar
Strawberry or cherry fruit leather roll-ups
Black licorice rolls, optional
Green sprinkles, optional

Once the cookie has cooled, top it with spoonfuls of strawberry or raspberry jam (as the pizza sauce). Use a paring knife or vegetable peeler to make coarse white chocolate shavings (which look remarkably like shredded cheese). Scatter on top.

Unroll the fruit leather and use a small round cookie cutter to punch out small round pieces to stand in for pepperoni. Add black licorice and green sprinkles for sausage and herbs, respectively.

How to serve your pizza party cookie cake: For added effect, use a pizza cutter to cut up slices.

You can even store it in a clean cardboard box, which some pizza places might be kind enough to give you for free. Otherwise, you can buy them online — the only problem with that is that they tend to come in bulk. Not a huge problem if you're planning on doing this a bunch of times, though!

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