Make These Tonight: Cucumber Gimlets

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Need a cool pre-dinner drink tonight? Maybe something with lime and gin? Why not add cucumber, too, and make one of these cucumber gimlets from Monika at Crumpets and Cakes. I made them last night, and now I’m smitten.

These cocktails are quite easy and quick. You whiz some peeled cucumber with lime juice, strain it, add gin and simple syrup (and, in my case, a bit of mint) and pour it over ice. I wanted my drink loosened up just a bit so I shook it and also added a splash of soda at the end.

The result? Cool, summery, delicious. You can hardly taste the alcohol; these go down way too easy! If you want something cool and refreshing, try one of these.

Get the recipe: Cucumber Gimlet at Crumpets and Cakes

(Images: Monika of Crumpets and Cakes)