Customizable Bread Bowls: Make Quick Appetizers (or Brunch) With Dinner Rolls

brunch1040612.JPG What if we told you that you could make appetizers for a crowd or even brunch at your next get together from your leftovers? This simple idea uses dinner rolls, an egg and whatever else you have on hand to whip up something awesome. Want to see how it’s done?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re always looking for quick snacks and appetizers, as well as easy brunch and breakfast ideas that pack a punch in the flavor department but don’t end up taking a lot of time.

These dinner rolls are served the same way you would serve soup in a bread bowl. They’ve had their tops removed, their yummy centers pulled out (save them to make your own bread crumbs!), and filled with leftovers or store bought ingredients. Crack an egg inside and bake until set. It’s a great way to keep company active as they can all make their own if the fillings are prepared ahead of time.

They look pretty and could be as elaborate or simple as you see fit for the crowd you’re cooking for. Make sure to check out all the tips from Perfecting the Pairing at the link below.

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(Images: Lindsay of Perfecting the Pairing)