Make Prettier Cookie Edges When Presentation Matters

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I’ve spent many an evening around the kitchen table waiting for the royal icing on several hundred sugar cookies to dry. It might be for a wedding, baby shower, or party, but one thing is for sure, you don’t want to make more cookies than you have to and you want them all to be perfect. Here’s a simple tip to make every cookie out of your oven a winner.

The difference between sugar cookies baked at home and those we see in magazines is usually the edges. This usually has to do with the temperature of your dough and butter in your recipe, but in hot conditions and at a fast pace they can be hard to keep in check.

If the edges of your cookies are a little saggy or flat, try using a microplaner to freshen them up. Just like you would file anything else, they can take away that lame edge and leave you with something crisp and clean and photo worthy for every event. Although it might seem like a silly details, so is using royal icing to apply all those little details to a cookie of this nature and once you’ve gone that far, this is just one more simple step to ensure you’re truly showing off all your hard work.

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(Image: Sweetopia)