Make Outdoor Entertaining a Breeze with These Silicone Stretch Lids, on Sale Right Now

updated May 1, 2019
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We love all the things about outdoor dining! All the things except for the annoying bugs that fly around us and all our food, that is. The biggest problem with outdoor entertaining is that while you’re enjoying nature, nature is also trying to enjoy your spread. How do you keep bugs, stray leaves, and other elements from getting into the food you slaved over pre-party?

Try out this pack of six Cozypony Silicone Stretch Lids (on sale on Amazon right now for 55 percent off).

Crafted out of durable (and easily washable) silicone, these lids are about 10,000 times (an unscientific measurement, of course) more effective (and more eco-friendly!) than plastic wrap or aluminum foil in keeping the elements out of your food because they form a tight seal around whatever container you’re using.

Buy them!

Why not just buy a set of storage containers with accompanying lids, you ask? Because you already have a ton of mixing bowls and there’s no reason to go out and spend money on other bowls!

And because this set includes six different sizes, the lids will allow you to cover serving dishes of the oddest shapes. Bonus: They’re totally food-safe, which means you can also use them to cover foods directly (think: half an onion, lemon, or even a watermelon).

By using these lids, you can relax knowing your outdoor dining spread will be safe from the elements. You’ll spend less time swatting at bugs and more time eating and drinking, and entertaining your guests.

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