Meal Planning Fun! Weekly Planner from The Small Object

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

How adorable is this meal planning set from The Small Object? We want to buy one for every cook, new parent, and foodie friend we know.

We just love the function-meets-whimsy of this set. The kit includes a notebook with 52 pages, one for each week in the year, along with two pencils for scribbling your recipe notes and a set of cute bookmarks to flag recipes in cookbooks and magazines.

But what we really love are the bits of motivation scattered everywhere. Who wouldn’t get excited to plan a meal while wielding a pencil that tells you that you’re an excellent chef? Or create a menu reassuring you that your meals will be delicious? We love it.

Friends, it’s time to put the fun back in meal planning. Don’t you agree?

Find It! Meal Planning Gift Set, $22 from The Small Object