Make Lemon Curd In The Microwave

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There’s only one thing that keeps me from eating my weight in lemon curd (well curd of any kind really) and it’s the time it takes to make it. Although it’s not a long process the thought of over cooking the eggs in the sugar and butter mixture keeps me at bay — or it did until I learned you can make it in the microwave. The microwave people! The microwave!

What? Don’t blame me, blame Jamie over at My Baking Addiction. She’s the one that spilled the beans and I fear none of our waist lines will ever recover. What’s to stop us from mixing up a batch whenever the desire arises? Nothing! Her super fast curd making will soon be the death (or at least sugar coma) of us all!

The idea is simple, the butter is melted and mixed into the sugar and eggs, along with lemon juice and some zest. It’s then tossed in the microwave and zapped (that’s an official food cooking term right?) at 1 minute intervals until it coats the back of a spoon. Easy right? Check out all the details over at My Baking Addiction and have your doctor send all hate mail to her and not us, we’ll be too busy licking the bowl to answer.

(Image: My Baking Addiction)