Make It Now, Gift It Later: Crema di Limoncello

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Imagine limoncello: cool, refreshing, sweet-tart limoncello poured straight from the freezer into a waiting tumbler. Now imagine it creamy. Sounds pretty good, right?! I will be starting a batch of holiday gift-giving ASAP. Care to join me?

I have inherited the most amazing aunt and uncle from my husband. They go to the opera, they have a wine cellar, they travel to Italy, they love food. In short, they are my kind of people. The other night at dinner, my aunt-in-law started describing something they’d had in Italy: a creamy milk-based version of limoncello. She said it was like Baileys but with lemons, and she hadn’t been able to find it here in the States.

The wheels immediately started turning. Of course. A bit of research later and I discovered that this creamy version of limoncello is quite easy to make at home. You steep lemon peels in grain alcohol for anywhere from a week to…well, as long as you’d like. The alcohol just gets better with time.

Once the alcohol is infused to your liking, you just combine it with milk and sugar. Bottle, chill, and enjoy!

I’m going to get a batch of this going sometime in the next month so the lemons and alcohol have a good long time to steep before the holidays arrive. This will also give me some time to scrounge up some pretty bottles to store it in.

Crema di Limoncello from Garrett McCord of Vanilla Garlic (Pictured above)
Have Your Limoncello, and Eat It Too from NPR: Kitchen Window
Creamy Limoncello from Epicurious

Have you ever come across creamy limoncello before or tried making it yourself?