Make Hand-Washing Dishes a Breeze with This Bamboo Dish Rack, on Sale Right Now

updated May 1, 2019
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Cooking a four-course meal from scratch is a labor of love, but after the plates are cleared, a sink full of dirty pots, pans, utensils, and dishes is enough to make even the most passionate cook want to order takeout next time.

Let’s face it: Doing the dishes is an inevitable, thankless task, and nobody wants to do it. Think about how many fights you’ve had with assorted roommates and partners over dirty dishes, hanging out in the sink for days because nobody wants to take responsibility for them. And while having a dishwasher helps, you’re not going to put pots, pans, and other oddly shaped cookware that needs to be scrubbed in there (and if you’re putting your knives in the dishwasher, stop it right now!).

So, how do you make this dreaded task easier, if not more enjoyable? First load up on good-quality sponges and soaps, and then snatch up this two-tiered bamboo drying rack, on sale for just $13 on Amazon — for next few hours.

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How is wood possibly a good option for a drying rack?, you might be wondering. Wood and water don’t mix, right? Wrong. Well, at least in the case of this dish rack. Crafted out of moisture- and bacteria-resistant sustainable bamboo, it’s made specifically to stand up to wet cooking utensils and is guaranteed to last without swelling or cracking.

Another feature? It folds up compactly so you can store it away in a cabinet when not in-use, freeing up precious counter space.

When it’s time to wash the dishes, just pull this out and unfold it. This way, as you wash, you have a place to put all your clean stuff — versus just letting it pile up precariously on a tea towel.

So while you might not ever be pumped to roll up your sleeves and do the dishes, at least this drying rack will help make the process relatively painless.

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