Make Fish Tonight: 4 Quick and Easy Seafood Dishes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We know a lot of people, ourselves included, who are wary of cooking fish. It’s not cheap, and it’s easy to mess up, leaving you with the double whammy of a meal that’s expensive and disappointing. But these four recipes use simple techniques and big flavors that look almost foolproof. Plus, one uses brown butter. That always spells success.

We pulled these recipes from the Fine Cooking website, which has many more than these four, but these looked most appetizing to us. And there are a few things that make these particular dishes seem user-friendly.

For example, one is poached- a very easy way to ensure moist, flavorful fish. Another is cooked on top of bacon, which has the same effect, adding fat and flavor. Two have butter sauces, which…ok, same deal. Fat and flavor. The key is that you get fish that isn’t dried out, even if you slightly overcook it.

Clockwise, from top left:

We’re inspired to try some fish for supper. What about you? Any other easy, goof-proof fish dishes you love?

(Images: Scott Phillips/Fine Cooking)