Make Faux-Macarons Without All The Hassle

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When we first saw Emma’s first attempts at making macarons we had to have a go. Time just hasn’t allowed for that yet as they require letting eggs rest at room temperature for 24 hours, letting the piped cookies set on the counter and at our place that’s a recipe for disaster. Instead we might give these faux-macarons a try — can you tell what they’re made from?

These little macaron look-a-likes are actually mini cupcakes that after being baked have their bottoms chopped off (we suggest saving them to make cake pops!) and are filled with a little marshmallow creme. We ran across the idea over at Tablespoon a little while back and the idea seems simple enough to make them on a larger scale to make whoopie pies (in a totally cheater method) as well.

Even if you can’t consider them macarons (faux or not) they’re still a fun treat, so pull out your favorite cupcake recipe and put it to use! Try using this recipe for marshmallow peeps for the filling as it’s a bit softer than other recipes and will pipe nicely! Check out the full directions over at Tablespoon.

(Image: Tablespoon)