Make Eggs In a Basket For A Crowd: With a Vegan Twist

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Eggs in a basket, eggs in a nest, egg in a hole, it doesn’t matter what you call them, I love eggs fried into my toast. They’re comforting in all the right ways and can be a great addition to your holiday breakfast or brunch table. The only problem is making them all on demand can be a little time consuming. Well forget that idea and turn to your oven instead.

Earlier this week I stopped in at V.K. Rees Photograhpy and spied this amazing picture of egg in basket being made. It had never, ever occurred to me to bake them all on a cookie sheet at the same time. I’ve done it twice this week to test the theory out and it’s worked perfectly. I did however start with toasted bread, but the holes, cracked the eggs and popped them in a 350 degree oven until set. Perfect!

Now, that aside, many of you are probably looking at the photo above and saying Sarah, that’s not really egg in a basket because there is no egg. And you my detective friends, would be right. This version of egg in a nest is egg-less! The recipe instead calls for tofu and squash to be baked up and it looks simple smashing and is a great idea for those invited to your holiday meal who aren’t into the egg scene.

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