Make Apple Cider In Your French Press

updated Jun 5, 2019
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A few weeks back we mentioned this home cider pressing adventure and there was a great tip left from one of our readers in the comments. Did you know you could press your own apple cider at home? Without 1,000 apples? Without a press even? Here’s a few tried and true tricks on how to get your cider on without all the hassle.

Freshly pressed apple cider is a serious taste of Fall and apple juice, although tasty, just isn’t going to cut it. Although you can often pick up fresh gallons at your local markets this time of year, sometimes it’s fun to make things yourself.

Why would you want to make your own cider? Well because you can of course! Last week in the comments of this apple cider post Kitchn reader cashba made mention that they make their own pressed cider at home — in the French press.

There’s two ways this can easily be done, even if you don’t have your own French press. Both start with chopped apples, which is best done in a food processor if you have it (think applesauce consistency). Next you can either use a piece of wood that fits inside a strainer and a can to press the juice or plop the whole thing in your French Press and extract the yummy liquid the same way you would a cup of coffee.

It probably won’t be an everyday thing, but sometimes knowing you can is half the battle and this sounds like a pretty fun project to take on, especially if you have a bag of apples that is on the way out the door and needs to be used up!

Thanks cashba!

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