Waste Not: Make an 'Eat Me First' Basket in Your Fridge

Waste Not: Make an 'Eat Me First' Basket in Your Fridge

Sarah Rae Smith
Jan 20, 2012

It happens to the best of us. You head to the store, pick up something new and special, and then a week or two later you find it shoved behind the leftover pot pie and orange juice. But this sad, devastating moment could be eliminated with a simple shoe box.

Nobody likes the moment of defeat when they realize that jar of pickles expired 3 months ago. A simple shoe box or plastic container should do the job. Lifehacker shared this tip from Clossette: use a Fridge Triage Box to hold important and quick-to-expire ingredients and foods, which they claim can help save you over $100 per month in expired and tossed food.

Would it help out in your home? Let us know below!

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(Image: Clossette)

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