Make All Your Taco Tuesday Dreams Come True with This Taco Pizza

(Image credit: Port and Fin)

Happy Taco Tuesday! If you’re looking for a little twist on your weekly taco dinner, this pizza — topped with refried beans, ground meat, avocado, and cheddar — certainly fits the bill.

This recipe calls for homemade pizza dough, but a store-bought ball of dough also works perfectly fine. The dough is pretty much the only traditional pizza element here — from the refried beans and the spiced ground beef, to the grated cheddar and the diced avocado, this recipe has tacos written all over it.

A drizzle of yogurt, a dash of hot sauce, and a sprinkle fresh cilantro seals the deal on this ingenious mash-up of two beloved foods.

Get the Recipe: Taco Pizza from Port and Fin