A Make Ahead & Freeze Meal Idea: Homemade SpaghettiOs

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Growing up my parents were great cooks. That said, I still had a serious soft spot for canned ravioli pasta. But since it’s not exactly healthy, I’d consider a homemade version, especially this make-and-freeze mason jar version!

Robin Sue over at Big Red Kitchen has a picky eater in her home. But even on the worst days, her kid will gobble up canned pasta and meatballs. Instead of spending money on high-priced canned pasta at the store (not to mention sodium levels and lack of taste), she made her own!

The best part about this recipe, however, is that it comes complete with little alphabet letters and mini made-from-scratch meatballs… AND it freezes perfectly. Toss it in small canning jars and store away. You can freeze them and grab one for lunch in a pinch or heat them up for a meal. I might be older than the age of 8, but my freezer will be sporting some of these tried and true standbys soon!

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