Make a Summer Drink Keg out of a Watermelon!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A good drink dispenser (see some favorites here) is helpful at summer cookouts — it keeps lemonade or boozy beverages cold and makes it easy for guests to serve themselves without the need to constantly refill smaller pitchers. But beverage dispensers often aren’t cheap, and honestly, I don’t have room for such a bulky thing in my kitchen. This is why this idea is so brilliant — make a drink keg out of a watermelon!

This idea is obviously highly edible, compostable, and non-wasteful: Scoop out a watermelon, eat the innards or make a drink out of them, and fill the sturdy rind with the drink of your choice. Nature’s picnic accessory, right there! Slap in a spigot and it’s as nice as any store-bought keg. Or keep it even simpler and use a ladle to dip punch out of the open top.

Of course, you’d need to be OK with your drink tasting at least faintly of watermelon. Personally, I’ll always take a little extra watermelon. What about you?