This $2 Hack Will Make All Your Cleaning Projects Easier on Your Knees

updated Sep 3, 2020
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

Whether you’re cleaning under furniture, scrubbing your oven, planting flowers in your garden, or painting your baseboards, some chores require getting on your hands and knees. And it’s bound to get a bit uncomfortable after a while.

A kneeling pad can make your chores less painful by supporting your knees and making it easier to get up from the floor. But store-bought kneeling pads aren’t always cheap — a thick, durable option can cost upwards of $15 to $20. So why not try something you may already have lying around your home—or can easily buy locally for around $2? Enter: the humble pool noodle.

Not only is this do-it-yourself kneeling pad a cinch to make, it’s also quite a bit thicker than a typical kneeling pad, resulting in more support (and some good spring for getting up, which has to be an ergonomic perk). 

Here’s how to put one together:

1. Grab a pool noodle at the store in your favorite color.

You may as well get a few while you’re at it, since you can use them for other DIY projects and, you know, swimming. If you prefer to buy in bulk, Amazon sells them in 5-packs.

2. Gather your supplies.

You’ll need your noodle, of course, plus a sharp knife (ideally not serrated, so you get a smooth cut), a tape measure, a permanent marker, and something to secure the pieces together: either hot glue, packing tape, strong twine, or 2 to 3 thick, large rubber bands.

3. Measure your sections.

Your garden-variety pool noodle is about 2.5” in diameter and 52” long. One of the highest-rated pads on Amazon is 11” x 18”. but it’s “extra large,” so you can definitely get away with smaller sections of a single noodle. Measure out and mark three  ~17” sections with a Sharpie. 

4. Cut the sections.

With your knife, cut the noodle into three equal sections. If you want an extra-large noodle pad, you can add a fourth section from another noodle.

5. Secure the noodle pieces.

If you’re using hot glue, carefully run the gun along the side of one of the noodles and glue two pieces together. Do the same to add your third piece, then let the glue dry. Or, you can use rubber bands, twine, or tape to secure the pieces together. But hot glue is going to give you a secure fit that doesn’t move around.

After you use your DIY kneeling pad, give it a good wipe-down or rinse. Or, just throw it in the pool!

This post originally appeared on Apartment Therapy. See it there: This $2 Hack Will Make All Your Cleaning and Summer Projects Easier on Your Knees