Make a Cleaning Checklist by Having a Staring Contest With Your Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In many homes, your kitchen is on display. In others, you can see it through a door that faces the living room and then there’s a few that have the luxury of having it totally concealed. Because it’s always being seen, try making a cleaning checklist by having a staring contest with it. You’re destined to lose, but you’ll be the winner on grime.

So often in our own kitchens we’re worried about the basics. Cleaning dishes, wiping dwn surfaces, mopping floors… you know, the usual. When you sit down and enjoy your living areas, if they happen to face your kitchen or it’s on display you can see a whole new world of things.

Now it’s easy to just say, well if your kitchen was really clean you wouldn’t have to worry, but that’s not always the case. Sitting back and checking things out and focusing on what really could stand to be cleaned or touched with a dust mop can be a huge help.

Did you know you can see under your raised cabinets? Did you know there was a dog toy and small bottle of nutmeg down there? Can you see bugs collecting in your chandelier? What about along the edge of your cabinets up high?

When you have your daily radar on, these aren’t things that we really have our brain and eyes set to see. We’re just doing good if we can get our kitchen prepped for another meal. Start now and make a list and it will give your kitchen a great top to bottom cleaning between now and your next dinner party. Just tackle one or two things a day or even a week depending on your schedule.